Coach Gibby – Acro Director

Favorite Quote:
“People may not remember what you said (or taught them), but they will remember how you made them feel” ― Maya Angelou

Born In:
Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
San Angelo, Texas

Years of Experience Coaching:
30 years
Sports Played:
Favorite as a Gymnast:
Favorite Event to Coach:

Coaching Philosophy:

In the realm of gymnastics, the myriad challenges—physical, mental, and emotional—create a profound opportunity for athletes to develop tools for overcoming adversity. The skills honed, rooted in discipline and resilience, extend beyond the mat to shape enduring character traits. Beyond the finite career within the sport, the tools and skills acquired in gymnastics endure, serving as guiding lights in life’s journey. Long after routines are retired, the indomitable spirit of a champion, cultivated in facing the highs and lows of competitions, persists. The philosophy of gymnastics transcends sport, offering a blueprint for lifelong success—a legacy of perseverance, discipline, and camaraderie.

Competitive Background:
10 years as competitive gymnast
20 years as a Professional Gymnastics Performer w/:
World Entertainment
Cirque De La Mer
Champion Factory
Kerwich Circus

Fun Facts:
Former Entertainment Director Golden State Warriors
Creator and Head of Win Kids First Ever Acrobatics and Tumbling Program
Has been featured On:
– TNT NBA All-Stars
– ESPN Sport Center
– Fox Primetime Guinness
– TBS Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Most Memorable Sports Moment:

Winning Guinness World Record for farthest slam dunk from Mini Trampoline (19ft) in 2002.