Coach Jack – Trampoline and Tumbling Director

Favorite Quote:
If you believe you can or believe you can’t. You’re right

Born In:
Bellbrook, Ohio
Double Oak, Texas

Years of Coaching Experience:
30 Years
Sports Played:
Favorite Event Growing Up:
Favorite Event to Coach:

Coaching Philosophy:

I believe that a balance of love and high expectations, created a great balance where an athlete feels challenged and encouraged. I strive to create a mentality of 1% better each day. Athletes are encouraged to try new skills and make changes daily to fuel growth.

Competitive Background:

I competed men’s gymnastics from 1988 – 1996
Went through class 1 which is equivalent to todays level -10

Fun Facts:

Part of the Win Kids team since 2001.

Graduated from John Brown University with a degree in graphic design and minor in radio and television broadcast.

First gym coached at IASIS Gymnastics

Married to Coach Cammie and they have two daughters, Scout and Sawyer.

Director of Win Kids Trampoline and Tumbling Team.

Trampoline and Tumbling Team has had multiple State, Regional, and National Champions.

Most Memorable Sports Moment:
Not one specific moment but simply when an athlete is struggling with new skills and finally overcomes and accomplishes their goal.