Coach Cammie – Sr. Program Director

Favorite Quote:
Everything you need to be great is already inside you!

Born In:
Sinton, Texas
Bryan, Texas

Years of Experience Coaching:
35 years
Sports Played:
Favorite Event as Gymnast:
Favorite Event to Coach:

Coaching Philosophy:
To keep gymnastics fun while still developing great athletes.

Competitive Background:

I started competing in gymnastics at age 5 and competed through high school. I did club gymnastics from 5-14 competing up to class 2 which is like Level 8 now. Then my freshman year of High school I joined Bryan High Schools Gymnastics Team. After high school I transitioned to TaeKwonDo. Two weeks after I started TaeKwonDo I competed in my first tournament as a white belt. Six months later at the Texas State Championships as a yellow belt my instructor put me into the Black Belt Division and I ended up taking 2nd in the Black Belt Division losing to the current National Team Member. The rest of my competitive TaeKwonDo years I competed in the Black Belt division winning many tournaments, State Championships, Nationals Championships, US Open and Qualified for Olympic Trials in 2000. The last time I competed in TaeKwonDo was in 2003.

Fun Facts:

Head of all competitive Win Kids Gymnastic Programs

Is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Olympic Style Taekwondo

Ranked in the top three in the United States in Olympic Style Taekwondo

Earned a degree from Texas A&M University and was the president of the A&M Taekwondo team

Married to Coach Jack and they have two daughters, Scout and Sawyer.

Most Memorable Sports Moment:

Qualifying and competing at Olympic Trials for Taekwondo in 2000.