Team Gymnastics

Headed up by director Cammie Lee, the Win Kids Team Gymnastics Programs allow students showing a higher degree of mental and physical proficiency in gymnastics to progress in an environment that challenges their unique abilities.

Mini Stars are 3 – 5 year old’s who show early potential. They can be recommended by their teacher to participate in a once per week class designed to prepare them for the possibility of a more serious gymnastics career.

Level 1 and 2 We start competing in Level 1 and 2 thru the TAAF organization. The level 1 and 2 teams workout 2-4 hours per week. This is a fun team that introduces your young gymnast into competitive gymnastics in a fun kid friendly way.

Level 3 & Xcel Silver  – Gymnastics teams compete thru the TAAF and USAG organizations. The Level 3 and Silver teams workout 6 – 9 hours per week.

Xcel Gold, Platinum & Diamond – The Xcel Gold, Platinum & Diamond teams compete thru TAAF & USAG Federations. These athletes have a minimum training requirement of 12 – 16 hours per week.

All ages and skill levels are welcome to try out for team gymnastics. If your gymnast is interested in being on a competitive gymnastics team we have a team for them.

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