gymsters-1Gymsters (24 – 36 months) – This is the last class in our parent and child series, which means the parent is still active in the class, but we start to emphasize independence. The structure of the class changes, as we are preparing them to go into a class by themselves.

To help ease those anxieties, we have structured this class to be similar to a Gymnators (3 year old) class. They come in and sit down on the stars in the beginning, do a couple of obstacle courses, and finish with a game or group activity. Many of the activities will focus on instructor and student interaction to get the kids ready for learning in a group situation, without their parents. We also start working on our “big kid” skills, such as pullovers, handstands, and cartwheels.

Our main goals for this class are to learn to become independent from the parent and to listen and follow the lead of the instructor.

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