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Welcome to the Grade School Girls Program at Win Kids, where Cartwheels, Dynamos, and Spirals take center stage for ages 6 and up, spanning from beginners to advanced levels. Our commitment to excellence sets this program apart, creating an atmosphere that is characterized by high energy, low-pressure, fun, challenge, and motivation for all participating girls.

What distinguishes us within this group is our dedication to providing more than just a standard gymnastics class. Our coaches infuse humor, charisma, a “try-your-best” mentality, and positive feel-good motivation that resonates with the girls. Our award-winning teaching style ensures girls feel an immediate sense of success and importance.

At Win Kids, there’s no concept of “not cutting it.” We are here to make every participant smile and thrive in their gymnastics journey. Join us, and experience the joy of achievement and the encouragement to reach new heights!

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Introducing “Cartwheels” – the perfect beginner’s class for recreational gymnastics! This class is thoughtfully designed to be the gateway for young athletes into the enchanting world of gymnastics. Focused on instilling the primary basics, Cartwheels provides a fun and engaging environment where children can take their first exciting steps in mastering the fundamental skills of gymnastics. Join us for a journey of discovery, laughter, and physical development as we lay the foundation for a lifelong love of this amazing sport!



Elevate your child’s gymnastics journey with “Dynamos” – the exciting next step after mastering Cartwheels! This class is tailored for young athletes ready to take their skills to the next level. Building upon the foundational basics introduced in Cartwheels, Dynamos introduces more advanced techniques and challenges. With a perfect blend of fun and skill development, this class aims to unleash the dynamism within each participant. Join us for an energetic and empowering gymnastics experience where your child can thrive and progress towards becoming a confident and agile dynamo in the world of gymnastics!


Embark on the journey of gymnastics excellence with “Spirals” – our dynamic class designed for those seeking a more advanced recreational experience beyond the beginner stage. Tailored for young athletes with a foundation in gymnastics basics, Spirals introduces an exciting blend of progressive skills and challenges. This class is perfect for individuals ready to elevate their gymnastics prowess and explore the next level of athletic achievement.

At Spirals, we prioritize both skill refinement and enjoyment, creating an environment where participants can advance confidently at their own pace. Join us for a rewarding gymnastics adventure that combines the thrill of skill progression with the joy of recreational gymnastics. Unleash your potential, perfect your spirals, and revel in the excitement of gymnastics excellence!

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