Our Story

Once upon a time, many years ago in a place called Flower Mound, Texas, a joyful man, named Coach Mike, dreamed of building a beautiful place where families with children of all ages would come to learn different sports, music and activities in a very, very fun, positive way.

He began building his dream with a very small trailer full of colorful mats and his guitar, bringing his joyful teaching to young students around town.

As time passed, more and more parents brought their children to Coach Mike for classes in sports. He eventually called his place Win Kids.

Other great coaches joined Coach Mike to help Win Kids grow and just about every year and half, they outgrew their gym and moved in to a new space, adding a new children`s sports to their list each time.

Happily, Win Kids grew into one of the most beautiful children`s places in the world, with all kinds of happy children learning and playing each day. The children that get to go to Win Kids are lucky that their parents love them so much!our-story-img1

Today, thousands of children and families each year come to Win Kids for classes like Gymnastics, Ninja Warrior, Trampoline and Tumbling, Mommy and Me, Taekwondo, Dance, Music, Birthday Parties, Camps, and other super fun activities! Coach Mike`s dream of building this amazing children`s place is coming true!